Our company name Neksus has been derived from the latin word Nexus. It means a connection or series of connections of two or more things which is exactly our core business: we connect companies to their trading partners by exchanging documents through our SaaS platforms.

Our Company Mission

The Need

A major challenge for many (small) companies in the next few years is the need to exchange business documents electronically in different formats and languages with minimal impact on their systems and working practices.

In the expanding electronic market they risk to be left aside unless they extend their knowledge base and adopt advanced collaboration methods to gain visibility to potential customers, develop the ability to involve suppliers and partners and qualify themselves to collaborate with companies in different sectors or countries.

The Mission

Neksus provides companies SaaS platforms that meet our client’s requirements by delivering cost-effective, flexible and easy-to-use solutions. We are committed to maintaining customer satisfaction and trust by delivering quality products and services.

The Model

Neksus offers small businesses web-based EDI solutions with a single seamless interface for all trading partners. The solution is delivered without buying software or hardware and you will be up and running quickly.

For companies who have already EDI system in place, we offer cloud-based EDI solutions with a link of your EDI transactions to your ERP system with no manual translation or data entry. It’s an easy way for companies to extend their existing EDI abilities without having to increase resources.

Our Strengths

  • EDI specialist
  • more than 20 years experience
  • secure & easy-to-use SaaS solutions
  • flexible monthly subscription
  • easy access anywhere & anytime