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Will robots put low skilled workers out of a job?

We have seen many reports, and they are a mix of gloom and new possibilities. The next industrial revolution is well underway. Many see it as the 4th revolution: The First Industrial Revolution (after 1780) was the shift from our reliance on animals, human [...]

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The word Incoterms is an abbreviation of “International commercial terms”. These are rules developed by the  International Chamber of Commerce and their origin was a wish to create an industry standard for international trade and for the interpretation of the trade terms that the parties to a contract of sale could agree to [...]

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EDI is machine e-mail

E-mail and electronic messaging has long found a place in our day to day lives. If offers different ways of communication, and has rapidly chaged changed the way we do things: a couple of years ago people would prepare up front, and discuss matters in a telephone call, we now have adopted a [...]

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SSCC Labels

Despite the growing use of digital solutions throughout various industries, many organizations still rely on outdated, paper-based systems or old inventory management and logistics. These systems often require manual action, can cause missing or duplicated paperwork and may stand in the way of efforts to quickly track specialized, high-value products. Although companies acknowledge these issues, [...]

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Digital Disruption

Digital disruption transforms businesses by enabling new business models. It is caused by the introduction of technological innovation. Digital disruption directly impacts the value of existing products and services offered in the industry. It is changing the ways (and introducing new ways) organizations work and interact with their clients, suppliers, partners and even employees. Your [...]

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EDI Standards

On the Neksus site there are a lot of references to EDI and/or EDIFACT. EDI comes in a lot of forms and sizes. The best known and most used standards are ANSI X12 (also ASC X12) and UN/EDIFACT. These are also the oldest standards which are still used. X12 is a standard which is most [...]

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EDI as a business tool

The use of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) can today represent a necessary step for the company to stay competitive. In some industries EDI has snowballed and new companies can expect a high rate of acceptance just by supporting EDI. Other industries have already discovered that digitally transforming trading and logistics processes adds value. [...]

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UBL Invoice

We run into UBL invoices increasingly often nowadays. The UBL invoice: some have named it the successor of the PDF invoice (which “they” see as the successor to the printed version of the invoice). Obviously electronic invoices in the EDIFACT or ANSI X12 format have been around for a long time, and while technologically this [...]

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Less than 4 years to transform

The world is changing. IT and IoT are rapidly developing, computers and all sorts of devices are everywhere. Business will have to follow, and need to adapt in order to support all of these changes and compete. Digital technology creates enormous reservoirs of data every day. All of this data needs to be processed just [...]

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e-Invoicing in Europe

eInvoicing has been around for some time. Although the INVOIC document wasn't the first EDI message, it was soon created after the ORDERS. After first introduction adoption of eInvoicing has steadily grown. Somehow lately the interest for eInvoicing picked up some steam, as we see larger corporations moving to electronic invoicing. Obviously advantages are plenty: [...]

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