The use of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) can today represent a necessary step for the company to stay competitive. In some industries EDI has snowballed and new companies can expect a high rate of acceptance just by supporting EDI.

Other industries have already discovered that digitally transforming trading and logistics processes adds value. Industries as pharma, textile and the hospitality sector have started up EDI projects as well.

In addition, historically strong EDI sectors, like retail and automotive industries are expanding EDI communication.  More and more business processes are being automated, increasing traffic and making EDI more and more useful. Roy Lücke, Neksus CEO: “Good news for users of EDI technology as they will be able to expand even further in terms of partners and spread”

Connecting more partners using EDI is relatively quick and easy. The company saves work and flow of documents is becoming smoother and more coherent.

The number of producers and traders supporting EDI is increasing, and more and more companies are confronted with requirements for EDI communication from foreign (potential) partners.  Today’s business does not stop at borders. International conglomerates like Carrefour, Metro, EDEKA, Delhaize or Ahold all demand EDI connectivity. The language of EDI is universal and will help businesses expand. Therefore maintaining, investing and even switching EDI systems to work more efficiently makes sense.

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